Feng Shui – a tool for living in harmony

play and allow life giving energy to flow


  • Feng = wind
  • Shui= water

Allow the life giving energy flow through your body, your surroundings
and you can experience the feeling of harmonious bliss in your life

Old Chinese saying https://www.wikihow.com/Live-in-Harmony-with-others


  • Harmonize and align invisible energy forces
    that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together –
    known as qi [Chi]
  • Feng Shui is a practice to arrange objects within
    a particular environment inorder to create
    harmony, balance and good qi
  • The tools of colour, numbers, symbols, textures and influencers are used to identify
    spaces which are distorted
  • The energy flow readjusts promoting health/ happiness/ abundance/
    respect/ harmony/ well being

Reference: Leni Riefenstah

Soundtrack playing – One Heart – Track 2 – Marina Raye and Master Charles
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