Leadership – a vision of harmony

listen to the leader within



  • the symbolic soul of a group
  • a path
  • visionaries

Skills for successful/harmonious leadership

Acronym L-E-A-D-E-R-S

  • L = Look and Listen

with heart/ soul

  • E = Emotional Bonding

clearing away toxic emotions/

understanding needs – self/others

  • A = Awareness

aware of challenges

asking self and inspiring team for finding solutions

  • D = Doing

being active/ a role model/ responsible for

promises made/ persistent/flexible/ humorous

  • E = Empowerment

self-aware/ responsive to feedback/ independent/

raising status of leader and team

  • R = Responsibility

choosing considered risks/ walking the talk/ having integrity/ living up to inner values/

leading the group on a path of higher consciousness

  • S = Synchronicity

honoring the mysterious / invisible support –

connecting needs with an answer from the soul


Reference: The Soul of Leadership By: Deepak Chopra www.deepakchopra.com

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