Rose Petals

Rose petalsare nature’s way of saying I love you.

Their uses are multifaceted.

  • Ancient Chinese medicine uses the petals for medicinal purposes.
  • Middle Eastern, Persian and Moroccan cultures use petals in their cuisine.
  • Eating rose petals gives much pleasure to the eye and to the taste buds.
  • The petals in texture and colour are a connection to the past.
  • Ancient Egyptians used the petals for romance and beauty.
  • Modern enthusiasts use the petals for nourishing and soothing the skin, hair and lips.
  • Petals of the rose are used in rituals such as weddings.
  • Rose petal essential oils and perfume oils are used environmentally and personally.
  • Homes and gardens display the beauty and fragrance of roses.
  • Sipping rose tea uplifts the spirit.



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