Tea – a ceremony of harmony

play and allow harmony into your life


  • Invite guests
  • Prepare the space – season and time of day important
    – Clean, warm/ inviting/ COZY
    – play softly in the background NOW
    – low/round table covered with a silk cloth/napkins
    – flowers in a vase centrally placed
    – kettlel tea pot/ strainer/ cups
    – various blends of tea to be served
    – orange blossom hibiscus herbal teal passionfruit coconut green tea
    – sweets
  • Receive guests
    – greet individually
    – allow time to sit/settle in/ mingle
    – serve some sweets
  • Prepare the tea
    – serve each guest
    – allow time to sense the tea in appearance/ aroma
    – further time for silent tea sipping/ inward appreciation
    – offer more rounds of tea and sweets
    – more time for tranquil moments/ silent meditation
    – include time for sharing if requested
  • Farewell guests
    – thank each guest with sweets/ loving words
    – complete the tea ceremony in harmony


Soundtrack playing – One Heart – Track 2 – Marina Raye and Master Charles
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