Walnut Trees

What is it?  A deciduous tree

Family – Juglandaceae

Where does it grow?  Mainly in North America [California]

Other countries:  Iran/ France/ Italy/ China/

India/ Turkey/ Romania/

Former Yugoslavia

Origin:  Central Asia

Height:    25- 35 m

Lifespan:  Over 200 years

Tree types:  Black Walnut/ Butternut/ Arizona walnut

Uses:  Food/ Wood/ Dye/ Cleaning Agents

Nutritional Values:  Omega 3 fatty acids/ Iron/ Protein/

Antioxidants/ Manganese/ B Vitamins

Interesting Facts:

  • In Ancient Greece known as “The Nut of Jupiter”
  • Native Americans used the walnut oil to cook corn and beans
  • It takes 10 growing seasons for trees to produce mature fruit
  • California has 125,000 acres of Walnut trees
  • Picked walnuts to be stored in cool, dark environments


References:  www.2020site/.org/trees/walnut-tree.html



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