High-Tech Meditation

Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation was created by Master Charles Cannon and is practiced by thousands of meditators world-wide for thirty years, provides a novel way to achieve balance, wholeness and fulfillment in a fast-paced Western lifestyle.

Designed to be practiced on a daily basis, High-Tech Meditation utilizes Synchronicity sonic technology (Holodynamics) to give individuals the opportunity to enjoy a precision meditation experience every time they meditate.

Synchronicity sonic technology utilizes comprehensive brain-wave entrainment technology combined with the energy frequencies of sacred geometry.  It is the leading-edge of entrainment technologies designed to enhance the evolution of human consciousness.

The technology is available in the form of Alpha, Theta and Delta CDs (and downloads) that literally “meditate you,” while they:

  • Buffer out intruding, distracting sounds;
  • Balance the two sides of your brain;
  • Entrain a meditative brainwave pattern;
  • Provide a consistent environment that enables a precision meditation experience every time

Holistic Lifestyle

Daily sessions of High-Tech Meditation are essential to maintain the kind of balance we need to live a happy and fulfilled life. For the best results, it helps to support our High-Tech Meditation practice with a lifestyle designed to maintain balance throughout the rest of the day. The Synchronicity Holistic Lifestyle addresses the three primary dimensions of body, emotions and mind and incorporates diet, exercise, and life-affirmative tools to promote positive emotions and thoughts. When we add the Holistic Lifestyle to our daily High-Tech Meditation practice, our reward is joy and fulfillment 24/7.