Recognitions Program … Supercharged Meditation Technology

The Recognitions Program is the first of its kind technology-based meditation system. The Recognitions Program has harnessed cutting edge sonic technology combined with the 30 years of research in meditative brain-wave profiles to create a precision meditation technology capable of delivering a precision meditation experience to anyone … It was the first such technology-oriented meditation program -and has over 30 years proven experience validating its effectiveness.

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Core Dynamics Program … Upgrade Here

Core Dynamics begins when all eight of the Recognitions Program phases have been completed. It is the personalized continuation of the Recognitions Program. By now you have completed the eight phases of the Recognitions Program. Within these years, you have created a regular, daily practice of High-Tech Meditation, which is the basis of the Holistic Lifestyle. In addition, you have gained a foundation in The Synchronicity Paradigm, an original body of scientific, philosophical and contemporary, spiritual knowledge formulated by a modern spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon.

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