Retreat programs at The Synchronicity Sanctuary embody The Synchronicity Experience in its most impactful form. Every Synchronicity retreat includes the opportunity to experience the enlightening presence of Master Charles Cannon as well as the Synchronicity Holistic Lifestyle and Contemporary High-Tech Meditation on a daily basis.

Synchronicity Sanctuary is a holistic environment that is consistently maintained in a state of balance through conscious intention. This Sourceful, nurturing environment supports the experience of multi-dimensional awareness far beyond what is normally available in one’s everyday life. Thus, it is common for those who attend Synchronicity retreats to move beyond their usual level of experience to more expanded states of holistic awareness.

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Synchronicity Sanctuary

Synchronicity’s Sanctuary is the headquarters for the Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia. The 450-acre sylvan retreat includes residential facilities for the Synchronicity Monastic Community at the Stillpointe Monastery and guest facilities for Synchronicity Retreat participants.

Synchronicity Monastic Community members staff the Foundation and collectively share their experience of living a holistic lifestyle with hundreds of visitors every year who come for regular retreats and training. Anchored in the practice of Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation, their daily meditation practice – together with their exterior focus in service to the world at large — fulfills the Founder’s intention of a holistic lifestyle that actualizes the Synchronicity Holistic Model of Reality.

In addition to the monastic community, Synchronicity also hosts a growing secular community residing in the local area surrounding the Sanctuary. Included in this community are professional people from all walks of life who endeavor to make a modern spiritual lifestyle their primary focus and want to live close to the Sanctuary and Master Charles Cannon as a means of actualizing this holistic intention. Among this special group of individuals are a number who have taken on major roles or are involved in significant and ongoing projects within the evolving world of the Sanctuary. Most importantly, the Synchronicity Monastic and Secular Communities work closely together under Master Charles Cannon‘s empowering guidance to assist in the actualization of his vision of a truly Modern Spirituality.