7D experience


There I was at The 7D shop at The Sanctuary in Virginia.  As I walked in I couldn’t believe the energy that I was sensing. I felt balanced, wakeful and very expansive.

They told me that I’d like and benefit from the 7D items on sale at the shop.

They also told me that the objects that are in front of me carry an energetic correspondent to the super-causal or 7th dimension. Yes, words that had no meaning for me at that time.

I looked at them and found them pretty and interesting but wasn’t sure what I’d like to purchase so that I can feel more balanced.  I was also a bit skeptical about these art pieces, jewellery and scarves that were beautiful yet were going to deliver such a holistic experience.

Of course I had to buy and experience it for myself.  So, I bought a pair of red stud earrings and put them on.  As soon as I put them on I felt a slight vibration but nothing else.

The day after a buddy of mine said that she had her optical glasses 7D’d so I went along and got mine done too.

It was a day later in a sitting meditation that I had a most profound experience. Being in the subtle and in a witness consciousness state I saw my face where my teeth were white and bright and light was shining in my right eye.

I knew that healing was taking place from all the dental work that had been done on my teeth recently.  I also realized that this was happening as my teeth were in a correspondent position to the earrings I was wearing.

The light in my eye also showed me that by wearing the glasses that have been 7D’d healing was taking place.  A few days later I noticed that my sight seemed clearer as the mist due to allergies was shifting.

Of course I had to go back to the shop several times so that I could take back with me objects that would balance and expand my environment and support my healing.


Miriam Broder

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