A Mushroom on the Hill

I was walking along the forest path and out of nowhere, on my left a big white mushroom appeared.

I stopped and watched the mushroom with its colour, texture and size. I wondered what was it trying to tell me? Was it telling me to eat more mushrooms? Did it tell me to get rid of the fungus that surrounds me in my life and that within.

Story after story came up. I continued looking at the mushroom. Suddenly something changed and I saw it differently. My stories stopped and I could only see the mushroom as a vibrating, shimmering energy.

There was nothing to do. The mushroom was there for me to see its beauty and the essence in all and everything.
This mushroom was standing blissfully on top of the hill without my projections onto it. It reflected back to me the beauty that is around when you least expect it.

It was the expression of life as ONE blissful consciousness.

Miriam Broder

[Credit – Master Charles Cannon’s teaching]

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