Harmony at Work

listen and allow the positive polarity to come forth


Peace and harmony are contagious and it often

begins with a simple gesture from one person.

Cort Hayes

Workplaces are:

  • a unique relational equilibrium/ culture
  • reflections of its relational balance
  • distributions of values

Creating harmony in the workplace

  • everyone has the opportunity to be heard
  • the environment promotes respectful and positive discussion/ feedback
  • words and action show trust and a sense of belonging
  • recognition of intellectual and emotional value
  • team dynamics and individual motivation understood
  • acceptance of a diverse workforce
    • integrity in leadership
      – sensitive, listening to desires and/or requests
      – keeps promises
      – values and respects employees’ individuality and team participation
      – creates a positive, peaceful/ environment
      – conveys clearly the company’s values/mission/goals
      – shows practically a fair and equitable application of rules


Cort Hayes www.intergengroup.com

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