Harmony with Self

listen to the special space within


  • Experiencing that HARMONY is your true nature: walk in nature/ notice all is interconnected – the trees, rocks, plants ground, sky, etc.
  • Getting to know, love and be at peace with all of your body parts: mind, spirit and heart
  • Knowing that you are ONE with all. All is ONE. One Life Force animates All There is


  • Laina Orlando – Conscious Living Journal July/ August, 2018
  • Master Charles teaching
  • Knowing your ideal self e.g kind / responses in difficult situations/ fair/ tolerant / patient/ principles to uphold
  • Accepting mistakes are OK
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Responding that you are at peace with those that push your buttons. Practicing patience
  • Letting heart support you / living through the heart
  • Going to bed and waking up in the morning with a peaceful mind and a grateful heart
  • Understanding others and not judging
  • Forgiving others / radiating compassion. Spending time with positive people/ places
  • Creating a special space
  • Validating/ valuing/ respecting yourself


  Soundtrack playing – One Heart – Track 2 – Marina Raye and Master Charles Meditation Music Downloads – available for purchase – click here

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