Tips for Making Friends

play and be spontaneous

  • Show up
    Whenever you have a chance to see other people, take it
    For example: go to a party/stop at someone’s desk at work
  • Join a group
    With a common interest
  • Form a group
    For example: Happiness Project
    High – Tech Meditation
  • Say nice things about other people
    Studies show the spontaneous trait transference – people unintentionally
    transfer to you the traits you ascribe to other people
  • Set a target
    For example: making 3 new friends in a new situation
  • Make an effort to smile
    Studies show the amount of time you smile during a conversation has a
    direct effect on how friendly you’re perceived to be
  • Make friends with friends of friends [Triadic closure]
    It expands your circle
  • Be aware of cultural differences
    For example: dropping in unannounced
  • Gretchen Rubin

Miriam Broder

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